We are not a kennel but a regular family just like you that loves Labrador retrievers. According to Colorado law we are a hobby breeder [ 35-80-102 ( 2 ) ] for we only have a couple litters and total 24 or less pups a year.

We provide a clean, happy, and healthy environment for our Labs.

Our labs eat Five Star dog food (see Advice page for explanation).

We give them lots of love and attention daily. Every day they are walked, jogged, trained, and played with.

Our yard is frequently cleaned so that our dogs do not develop bad habits or acquire a disease.

On a weekly basis we clean their ears, brush their teeth, and treat their paws.

These labs are from hunting ancestry with strong tracking and retrieving instincts. Labradors are still America's favorite family dog.

We believe you will agree we have very attractive Labs with a loyal, loving, and playful disposition. With proper training, they make a wonderful companion for you and your family.

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